This site has been setup with the goal to provide all future and current students with an overview of the course I teach.  This site will not replace the use of Canvas, but is meant to be a place to where students can read over the welcome letters and syllabus prior to the class opening up within Canvas.


Teaching Philosophy

The California State University System feels that public speaking classes are so important that students must take it prior to being eligible to transfer AND you must receive a minimum grade of a “C” .   As your professor, it is my responsibility to develop and maintain a rigorous and interactive curriculum while meeting the academic standards established by the college and CSUs.  I take this responsibility seriously and I am constantly striving to improve my curriculum and how I deliver it.  Students should expect to come into my classroom, in both my online and face-to-face delivery format, and expect to be engage with the material and ready to participate.  As your instructor, I see my role as the facilitator and create an environment that will encourage students to engage in the learning process.  My goal in every class is to see students walk away with a strong foundation of knowledge and the ability to apply what they’ve learned in real life situations.